Danciox Partnerships brings together brand, entertainment, dance and people. Through our shared passion for dance, music and entertainment, we connect our audience with your brand.

Do you want to bring your brand or organization to the attention of our audience?

You can. With shows all over Europe and thousands of visitors, Danciox Partnerships offers a wide-range of opportunities to present your brand at our shows and events. We put our joint passion for dance, music and entertainment into action with the ultimate goal of lasting involvement with your brand or organization, increased sales or the realization of specific marketing objectives.

We bring your brand to the right place, with the right audience.

From Amsterdam and London to Paris and Barcelona. From world’s top choreographers, dancers to the best shows and venues. We link brands to the right cities, events and artists through our partnerships. This way we create the optimal experience together!

Live experience changes into brand experience

We find the passion for dance, music, entertainment, safety, reliability and a personal approach important core values in every collaboration. Everybody communicates, we connect!

Start the connection with your brand.